The perils of boredom

I’m not moving. I’m just in this place of monotony and zero activity. Let me try to disengage myself from this disposition.

I’m psyched that my cousin started his own blog here in Do visit his blog at

I joined Payperpost in hopes that I will earn from it. Wish me oodles of luck on this, please.

The journey to fins the perfect online job is not an easy road to take. I read this ebook on how to nuild traffic for my blog and I was a tad disappointed because it didn’t really teach me anything new that I haven’t done before. Sigh. I also went through my old blog list and most of the bloggers there are no longer blogging. Is the world of blogging dead?

Yet, I am hopeful. It’s the only thing to do for now. Hope.

I tried my hand at the lottery and sadly, I didn’t win anything on my first try. I thought I could win a wad of cash because of beginner’s luck plus I’m 6 months pregnant. All that talk of being lucky…yeah, right. Not!

Here ends my ramblingsfor today. I leave you with two awesome and boredom-free sites: PostSecret and TMWFA.

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