my OB is EVIL!

Ok, i am exaggerating. My doctor is nice. It just irks me so that she won’t allow me to have an ultrasound yet. She asked me to wait until i’m on my 30th week of pregnancy. How’s that? I am dyuing to know if I’m gonna have a baby girl or a baby boy.

My next check-up will be on September 4 and still she won’t allow it. She wants me to wait. I think my sister will give birth first before I’ll even know the sex of my baby.

I gained 3 kgs and this is bad. She told me to cut down on my rice and sweets. My heart is breaking. I have a sweet tooth and it only lost its power during my first trimester. Now, it’s back in full force and I’m eating everything in sight! It is terrible because I get hungry and all I can think of eating are chocolates, sweets and ice cream with lots of cola on the side. Sigh. I have to curb this awful craving.

Next month, my evil Ob is expecting me to give her only a maximum of 2kg weight gain. Good luck to me.

To everyone expecting me to break the news on my baby’s gender, I apologize. We all have to wait until mid-September or so. Ugh.

3 thoughts on “my OB is EVIL!

  1. hay naku te jing pareho lng tau, ako nga lagi dn chocolates & ice cream hehehe..dti napipigilan ko pa wg mgsoftdrinks pero bat gnun ngayon hndi ko n tlga kaya pigilan everytime may makikita ako coke go agad ako, hehehe..ang hirap n mgpigil..;)


  2. @echik it’s an awful time for us. and i always thought that when you’re pregnant, you can eat anything you want and people around you will always indulge you with whatever you fancy. sigh. so THAT was a myth.
    @Duduy yeah, no hormone rushes here…just weird dreams and non-stop ogling of Jared Padalecki. ๐Ÿ™‚


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