Walking away

I had to see for myself. A year from the break-up. My cousins were right. Seeing my ex-boyfriend happy with his girlfriend was the start of me moving on. When I saw his face, I suddenly realized that I have never made him that happy when we were together. It’s time to really walk away.




  1. the time to walk away came when he did.
    i do understand where the tendency to self-flagellate comes from, and it’s a difficult thing to avoid. but i think you know better.
    it wasn’t your shortcoming, dear.
    wonderful song, btw.


  2. Duduy, thanks! i guess seeing my ex just found me feeling all the loss over again.
    still, life goes on as we know it. thanks again on the song. do forgive me on my crappy guitar playing.


  3. aawwww..just heard ur song te jing..nice:)
    don’t blame urself for the loss, nandito lang kami don’t worry..i lav u very much..:)
    miss u:D


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