Horsing around

I really planned to watch the horse show event where my stepsister’s daughter, Megan Fabello, will be competing. I didn’t go because I had to finish some work required by a new online writing gig I got. I heard that Megan was the youngest rider competing. She lost to a boy from Davao, though. Still, we were all so proud of her and her horse Wallet.


The event took place in Mountain Meadows in Gusa, CDO. I truly admire her because she held herself very well on a horse. I rode a pony and I got nervous.

Speaking of nerves, the other night, I was woke up in the middle of the night because of a scratching noise near my bedroom window. I have a small night lamp beside my bed but it didn’t help much for me to see what was the cause of the scratching noises. I didn’tget up from bed but shone a light on where the noise was coming from with my cellphone’s LCD light. When I placed the light on the direction of the window, the scratching stopped.

It got me into thinking that maybe it was a mouse. Since I’m scared of them and it was obviously scared of me, too, I closed my eyes and started to drift back to sleep. Only a few moments (or was it a minute?) passed when I heard the scratching again. Still coming from the same direction. I did what I have done earlier and shone my phone’s light on the same spot. The noises stopped.

I brushed it off as a fluke and once more, started to go to dreamland when the noises started again. I was then nervous and scared. What if it’s a witch, trying to get to me because she can smell the blood of my baby and I wasn’t wearing anything black to hide my baby. I made the sign of the cross and shone my phone’s light on the window. The scratching ceased. I was relieved but I don’t know if I could even go back to sleep again. It was 2am something. I closed my eyes but didn’t sleep. I prayed and prayed until I eventually fell into a dreamless slumber.

The next night, I asked my dad to put garlic cloves on my window. The noises didn’t return anymore.

I still have the garlic hanging from my window and yes, I will leave it there until I give birth.

Music and me

I come from a very musical family. Musical in every sense of the word. Maybe, musical is not even the right term. My huge family is composed of musicians, singers, dancers, painters and actors. Artisitic would be more apt. My childhood was a mesh of piano lessons, guitar lessons, dancing and singing, acting and performing, painting, writing and even sewing.

Now that the festivities for the city fiesta has started, a music festival is where I was at.


SAMMAKA (Samahan ng mga Musikero at Mangaawit ng Kagayan) took the lead to put up the 1st Cagayan Music Festival. It is a five day event  that started on August 22 and will end on August 29, 2009. As a member, I attended the festival on select days only. Given my condition, my parents kept on worrying that me and the baby are not getting enough sleep and there’s also the unpredictable rainy weather.

Last August 22 was the Beatles Reminiscing Night at the Nazareth Covered Courts. All bands performing will be singing Beatles songs. My dad’s band Don Juan Rubato, were supposed to open the concert but did not get to sing anymore because it started later than 7pm as planned. We had to leave for Malberry Suites Business Hotel because they have a gig there on the same night. So I wasn’t able to watch that concert. The upside was my dad and his band still sang Beatles songs only in a another place. 🙂

The next night, August 22 was the Passion. My cousin’s band Opusaria will be performing so I was there again (same venue), helping out as much as I can. When the bands started to play, I moved to the audience area and watched them play. The concert was hosted by DJs from Killer Bee 89.3 FM radio station. The concert was opened by bands from Xavier University’s Soundtable. It’s a music organization and they had five bands performing that night. One particular band caught my eye though. They were called Skarotch. You got it right. They were into reggae and ska. The song they played that night was from Brownman Revival titled Under the Reggae Moon. My inner BMR groupie totally jumped in joy. I sorely miss BMR. Skaroach has potential to be a great band someday.

Opusaria’s performance was better than most but they encountered some technical problems before they started to sing. Still, it all turned out good. Opusaria performed No Touch, Hallow Years by Dream Theater and Born To Be Wild.

Last night, was the Oldies but Goldies Night at the Divisoria Kiosk. My dad hosted the earlier part of the free concert until I started to whine and complain that I was tired and sleepy. Plus, it rained. It started as a nice evening for some music in the park until the rain started to fall.

Tonight, my dad is there again, hosting the Battle of the Bands Night. I’m glad that it’s not raining now and hopefully until the contest finishes. I didn’t go with him anymore because I had to work this new online gig I got. I do need the money.

Tomorrow, August 27 and on Saturday, August 29 will be the Jazz, Jazz and Jazz slash Back to Back, Face to Face Night at Lantaw Cagayan, near Pryce Plaza Hotel. I don’t think I can watch although I sort of would like to since I have never been to Lantaw before and the DJ hosting the event is this really tall cute guy from Killer Bee. I forgot his name. He is cute. Kind of weird, I’m now into tall guys. Hihihi. I usually don’t give tall guys a thought because there’s a 70% chance they really don’t see my 4’10” self but ever since I keep on watching Smallville and Supernatural, my liking for tall guys have increased.

Still, enough of the tall guy talk. I doubt the giant even noticed me last Saturday (he was one of the DJ who hosted the Passion concert). I have to work and the weather is not really that conducive for travel, especially not for me. Sorry, tall and cute DJ. My eyes may have liked you for a night but for my sanity and health, I’m staying home.

Please don’t let the weather hinder you if you’re interested to watch the last two events for the 1st Cagayan Music Festival at Lantaw Cagayan. Believe me, a night of jazz music is something to celebrate. Happy fiesta, Kagay-anons!

afternoon thoughts…

 I’m eating my second pancake topped with margarine and sugar while writing this.’I finished answering my emails and am basically about to start my bloghopping when I decided to create my calendar of acativities. I will imitate my bestfriend’s style and upload it on my sidebar so I can see it often and make it come true.

Let me see…our fiesta will be on August 28. The feast of St. Augustine. We have a lot of activities lined up here in the City of Golden Friendship. Too many activites, I think.

I look forward to this weekend. It’s a horseback riding contest and my step-sister’s daughter is a contestant. I remember the last time I rode a horse. Wait, make it a pony. I was scared at first and then I eventually liked it way too much that I wanted to gallop but of course when I started to trot and lose control of the pony, I got scared again. It was in Tagaytay, at one of those ponies you can ride for a fee. It was such a long time ago. I was with my bestfriend Jen and her husband Peter. This is me during my pony ride!


I can’t wait to see all the horses this weekend. This picture also now made me want to add a new goal in life. Bring my baby to Tagaytay and have his/her picture taken there with a pony. 🙂

Speaking of mothers and goals in life, I now realize that my mother’s goal in my life is to make me miserable. My father has been complaining about my hair for quite sometime now. He keeps saying that it’s too long and I should cut it before it gets tangled with an electric fan or door or whatever. After much haggling, I agreed to cut two inches only.

Now my mother called and is now demanding I cut 7 to 8 inches of my hair or else she won’t come here to be with me upon my delivery. Is she mean or what? I told her I would cut two inches this month, then an inch next month and another inch on October. I hope she agrees to my compromise. Besides, my doctor didn’t complain about my hair given that it obviously has no bearing on my pregnancy. My parents kept on using the excuse that my baby is not getting enough nutrients because I have long hair. Total bull.

Anyway, I stand my ground on this matter. Seriously, I don’t see why they make such a fuss on my hair. If it’s not my hair, it’s what I eat or wear or where I go or what I do…Ugh!

I end here with a sobering thought that it would be ironic if I turn out to be just like my parents and my baby will soon write in his or her blog the exact words I wrote above. Damn.

in a corner of my mind

Sometimes I wish to escape to another place, to another time. I look back at my life and sometimes I wonder if I imagined it all. Those times when I was happy or I was blessed to experience certain events. The places I have been, the sights I saw, they all seemed so far away.

It’s one of those days when I reminisce and I wonder when I will have another chance to experience something new.

Will I ever fall in love again? Should I even hope to actually fall in love again? I have this fear now that I won’t be a good mother and father to my baby. Can I really fill in the loss of a father in my baby’s life? All these questions hound me day and night.

So I think to myself, if I have the power to go somewhere with my baby, it will be someplace wonderful and safe. I will put a father in the picture, a nice house and pretty environment for my baby to grow up. Sigh. Wishful thinking.

Finally, it rained…

My date with my cousin MJ was awesome! We went to SM with his brother and we helped him shop for pants and tshirts. After an hour and a half of walking, we had lunch at KFC (I call it kefs). We ate so much!!!

MJ and I proceeded to our aunt’s house in Xavier Heights after lunch. We watched TV with her and chatted gaily. She was living alone there now because her only daughter lives in Bukidnon with her husband.

Our visit ended with me bringing home a maternity dress, vanilla lip balm (tastes so yummy) and toys for Taz, my puppy. MJ got a pink bag and a lemon lip balm.

In the afternoon, we went to Cogon to go ukay-ukay! Yay! MJ got to buy 3 pairs of jeans for only 100 pesos! We went window shopping some more…there are so many things to see and so much stuff I wanted to buy! It sucks not to have money. I miss those days when I had a regular paycheck every 15th and end of the month.

We had snacks at a bakery and then went to Ororama to check out what I can get for my old Nokia 6280. The stalls were all uniform in pricing it only as worth 1,500php should I want to sell it to them. I wanted a trade in and after an hour, I was able to get a black Sony Ericsson K608i. It’s a secondhand phone and I had to add 200 pesos for it. Still, so far, so good. It is in good working condition but it doesn’t have any accessories like earphones and the USB cable. I need to buy those in the future. I gave it to my dad to replace the previous cheapo phone I gave him two years ago.

Soon, we left for dinner. While munching foodie at Maxi’s (a local hangout near our old home) with my parents and cousin, the rain finally made a grand entrance, complete with thunder and heavy downpour that went on for an hour or so. I twas so refreshing to hear! The smell of rain was sorely missed and the wind picked up my happy sighs and sent soothing waves of cool breezy air. I was so delighted. It was a perfect ending to a wonderful day! I am so blessed. We all are.

Earlier, I did my laundry. I’m glad the sun is shiny and all that but I’m hoping that later, after I keep the dried newly washed clothes, the rain will come by again and make the world a cooler place.

I stumbled upon CDO Bloggers. I joined them. 🙂

The perils of boredom

I’m not moving. I’m just in this place of monotony and zero activity. Let me try to disengage myself from this disposition.

I’m psyched that my cousin started his own blog here in i.ph. Do visit his blog at http://disguised.i.ph

I joined Payperpost in hopes that I will earn from it. Wish me oodles of luck on this, please.

The journey to fins the perfect online job is not an easy road to take. I read this ebook on how to nuild traffic for my blog and I was a tad disappointed because it didn’t really teach me anything new that I haven’t done before. Sigh. I also went through my old blog list and most of the bloggers there are no longer blogging. Is the world of blogging dead?

Yet, I am hopeful. It’s the only thing to do for now. Hope.

I tried my hand at the lottery and sadly, I didn’t win anything on my first try. I thought I could win a wad of cash because of beginner’s luck plus I’m 6 months pregnant. All that talk of being lucky…yeah, right. Not!

Here ends my ramblingsfor today. I leave you with two awesome and boredom-free sites: PostSecret and TMWFA.

My Payperpost Disclosure Policy


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 This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

To get your own policy, go to http://www.disclosurepolicy.org

happiness is a choice

 Today, I wanted to be happy. I found this blog called Happy Thoughts. It’s very nice. It made me think of things that make me happy. One of them is writing. Another is drawing or painting. Singing also makes me happy.

Here’s my happy thought drawing today…


and here is my happy song, titled “For You and Me”.


I choose to be happy…what about you?

my OB is EVIL!

Ok, i am exaggerating. My doctor is nice. It just irks me so that she won’t allow me to have an ultrasound yet. She asked me to wait until i’m on my 30th week of pregnancy. How’s that? I am dyuing to know if I’m gonna have a baby girl or a baby boy.

My next check-up will be on September 4 and still she won’t allow it. She wants me to wait. I think my sister will give birth first before I’ll even know the sex of my baby.

I gained 3 kgs and this is bad. She told me to cut down on my rice and sweets. My heart is breaking. I have a sweet tooth and it only lost its power during my first trimester. Now, it’s back in full force and I’m eating everything in sight! It is terrible because I get hungry and all I can think of eating are chocolates, sweets and ice cream with lots of cola on the side. Sigh. I have to curb this awful craving.

Next month, my evil Ob is expecting me to give her only a maximum of 2kg weight gain. Good luck to me.

To everyone expecting me to break the news on my baby’s gender, I apologize. We all have to wait until mid-September or so. Ugh.