idle times

It seems that the job I applied for is not meant for me. Sigh. It’s disheartening. Still, it was something I had to try to see if I can actually land a job even if I’m pregnant. Anyhow, I’m still looking for work online and will not stop until I find the job suitable for me.

I am trying not to lose hope. Depression is no good for me. Still, when one is idle, there is not much to do but think and write. I already compiled my stories and brace yourself, I will publish a book. Ambitious, right? Not much to do anyway so what better way to pass my time than to write and publish a book?

Changing the topic to baby stuff. The baby is kicking and moving about much stronger nowadays. It’s actually uncomfortable and makes me go to the loo more than I would like. All that kicking in my bladder is sometimes too much. However, it is a very good sign that the baby is alive and kicking. Moving inside is truly a joy to the baby because he/she just can’t stop doing it. I already decided on the name if my baby will be a girl. She will be Heaven Anthony. If a boy, I’m still not yet sure.

I am now watching Smallville season 8 and it was nice to know that there wil be season 9 and 10. I just realized that the Lois and Clark romance is way better than the Lana and Clark duo. I do hope they follow the comics ending where Clark ends up marrying Lois.

This is one of those times that I feel my life is so uneventful. I think it’s time I do something about it…just wait and see…just wait and see.



  1. @MJ I know…two peas on a pod, that’s us.
    @ferna That is actually something I’m dreading…
    @Gra Not yet, sis. oh well…


  2. try taking a pic or video of ur tummy while the baby is moving around inside you.
    it made for some of the most surreal moments i’ve experienced.


  3. Hi Mer. Would you be interested to do full-time home based writing? If you are, I can ask my employer if he is still looking for another ghost writer. He was looking for someone who is willing to write full time for him. Please let me know. You can leave a message at my message board.
    Btw, I didn’t know you were pregnant! Congrats and always take care.


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