Pregnancy tips not from my doctor part 3

It’s that time again wherein new words of wisdom are given to me to guide me in my journey to motherhood. Advices below are from relatives and friends who have only my best interest at heart. Still, I am perplexed over them.

  • Wear black dresses, black clothesand black underwear. This will hide the baby from witches and other monsters that lurk, hover on the roof of the house and scratch at windows, trying to get to the baby.
  • Place a pillow in front of your belly to protect the baby from radiation emitted by the computer when you go online.
  • Cut your hair shorter so the nutrients you eat will go to the baby and not to your hair.
  • Don’t allow yourself to go hungry or else the baby will be a clingy and greedy child in the future.
  • Don’t eat durians when you’re pregnant.

I actually follow some of the tips above except for the cutting of hair and eating durians. I want my hair long and I like eating durians (which will be in season soon!).

I recently discovered a new fear. Fear of rats. Ugh. Last night, while I was sleeping, something tried to bite my toe. I felt the teet on my toenail and I woke up screaming. It was a black rat and it was scary. I never want to experience that again. I asked my dad to buy mouse traps ASAP.

I also finally found one of my fave anime songs. It’s from the anime Beck.


 This is definitely my song tonight…

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy tips not from my doctor part 3

  1. Sexy, i didn’t. but don’t worry, in the future, i will. and when i have gathered enough guts, i’ll upload the songs i wrote. 🙂


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