I finally got to watch Transformers 2. Quite disappointing, I must say. Too many fight scenes and a lot of awful screaming by the cast. The total exploitation of Megan Fox was horrendous. Seriously, it was over the top. My only goal is to see Optimus Prime. He was the only highligh in the movie.

I also watched The Proposal. It was my kind of romantic comedy. Ryan Reynolds was a dreamboat. It was enough to make me wish for love to find me again. Nice, nice, nice!

For good family comedy fun, do watch 17 Again. The only reason I watched was because of Matthew Perry (got a crush on him for years). However, the movie had pulled it off with well-situated humor and comedy. I liked it very much.

I’m looking forward to Sherlock Holmes. Robert Downey, Jr. proves to be one funny actor and there’s Jude Law to make me intrigued and wonder if there will be scenes to see him half-naked. Yes, ogling handsome actors seem to be a past-time of mine, nowadays. I just realized this was one of the reason I love watching Smallville. Tom Welling is hot.

Here’s a sneak preview of Sherlock Holmes. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Moviewatch

  1. mmm. matthew perry’s puppy eyes, ryan reynolds’s bodacious bod and jude law’s cleft chin.
    if your baby ever turns out to be a boy, i’m signing up to be his manager 😀
    on a side note, the complaint about Megan Fox’s exploitation is kinda shallow considering the amount of male ogling you’ve seem to be indulging in hehe
    peace mom!


  2. duduy, you weirdow. hahahahaha!!!
    surely, you can be his manager if my baby turns out to be a boy.
    but seriously, the way they used megan fox was way too much…i wonder if it’s true that she was formerly a guy?


  3. you mean there’s an actual rumor like that floating around???
    i mean, i dont realy care if she was a former guy. if there’s any truth to it, i just want to know who her friggin’ doctor is!


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