Some people have been through a lot. Most of us try to go on living, leaving the past behind. It’s not surprising that some of us usually hold on to the pain. We wallow in our own misery and unwilling to let go, we stay stagnant in our own pit of ruin.

I am not perfect and no matter how much I try to live my life, trying not to break any rules along the way, I falter and I fall. This truth is hard to take by some people. They only see what they want to see. They make allowances for one who they think they know so well already.

This bothers me a lot. It bothers me because I am helpless against it. I am helpless against people who love to judge me and love to be known as an authority in my life.

Makes you wonder what makes me so popular among people like this. Am I really such a delicious target for malice, spite and ire?

2 thoughts on “urgh!

  1. “They only see what they want to see.” – in which case there would be absolutely no point in worrying about them.
    So what the heck di ba.
    Stand the fuck up and be judged.
    (bad, bad duduy. no swear words when the baby’s around).


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