Gal Pal Gracielle

An unexpected lunch date happened today. My bestfriend Gracielle texted me and asked if I wanted to have lunch with her. Instead, I insvited her over at my place for lunch. She came by with desserts and lots of stories. I do miss hanging out with her. I had a great time chatting. Too much, because I forgot to give her the sandals I wanted her to have which was just right beside her the entire time. Silly me.

We talked of our own worries for the future and many other stuff like friends abroad and who married who. It was nice reminiscing our past and of course, making plans for the future. She told me that I can most likely travel two years after the baby is born. Two years…it sounds like forever.

I was recently at my cousin’s house where we also talked of travelling. My number one destination will be Siargao. Surf’s up, guys! I want to go there and try their waves. After that, Boracay. It will be awesome if I go there during summer. I do hope I can bring my baby by then.

I applied for another job online and hopefully, this will turn out to be something lucrative. The position is a financial adviser for an online company. I do hope I’ll like it and get the job. I need the money.

I know God will provide and I am thankful my parents are ever supportive. Still, I still hope to bring in some money, no matter how little, in our home. Life may not be as I hope it would be after leaving Malaysia but with God’s help, it will all soon get better.

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