Twitterin’ and tinkerin’

After ten days of applying to numerous online writing gigs, I received only two replies and it resulted to two rejections. Sigh. Why ever did I think that this freelance writing thing will be easy?

Anyhow, I deleted my Plurk and joined Twitter instead. I’m excited to use Twitter and see how this can help me in my quest on finding an online job. I’m also reading up on Payperpost.  I’m interested on how it works and I wonder if this could be a lucrative venture as well. I am so regretting why I deleted my previous blog of three years. Somehow, that ugly incident of someone leaving mean and spiteful comments on my blog scared me off. Although, I am now back in the blogging world (which I totally missed), I am still quite wary but right now, I have no choice. I have to follow my heart and heed the call of my near empty pockets.

Good luck to me, I know. For now, I have to build up traffic for my new blog and make new friends. Have a nice day!


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