Pregnancy tips not from my doctor

Ever since I became pregnant, everyone has been giving me the weirdest advices.

I’m now nearing my 5th month and honestly, I feel like I’m not pregnant at all. Thus, I keep asking the people around me if they think that I am still pregnant. I know it’s a stupid thing to do. Heck, my belly is still huge and I still get hungry a lot but I hardly feel anything except for some twinge or so and sometimes, it’s like I just have gas inside my tummy.

Here are a few pregnancy stuff I was told to follow and believe:

  1. If your tummy itches, NEVER scratch with your nails. This will lead to ugly stretch marks. Use a comb or a hair brush instead.
  2. Don’t eat eggplants. They will make your tummy itchier.
  3. Stop drinking carbonated drinks. This will make you fat and the baby’s head big.
  4. No eating of salty food. This will make your hands and feet swell.
  5. Don’t let anybody eat from your food. They will become drowsy and will want to sleep like a pregnant lady.
  6. Don’t visit cemeteries.
  7. Don’t watch gory stuff. Nothing bloody or scary.
  8. Don’t stay up late because the baby will follow your sleeping habit after he/she is born.
  9. Put earphones on your tummy and let the baby listen to classical music.
  10. Walk, walk and walk. Especially on the last trimester.

Some of these I actually follow but some are plain silly to me. Anyhow, what’s important is I’m grateful that my family and relatives are concerned and involved in my pregnancy. Of course, I will still ask my obgyne on my next visit about these just to be sure.

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