a whole new world

my world has definitely changed. it’s due to this little person who is growing inside me. i’ve been to my aunt’s funeral recently and it was quite difficult not to let the sadness wash over me. with God’s grace, my family received the news with calm and understanding. some were even joyful while others are apprehensive and disappointed.

i am now 4 months pregnant going to my 5th. my tummy itches like there’s a million feathers brushing against it. ugh! they are all watching my every move and whatever it is i put in my mouth. i’m trying hard not to laze around but sometimes it’s hard when i feel dizzy or just plain sleepy.

i’m still jobless but i’m not giving up hope. i continue to email people for jobs posted online and go on searching for more. however the expenses in my pregnancy is now slowly becoming clear to me. the milk, Anmum (which i have to drink as per all my pregnant cousins and friends) is quite expensive. then my aunt just mentioned that the baby’s milk is even more. eek! i pray i’ll find the right job that can provife well enough for me and the baby.

i still don’t know the baby’s sex. maybe next month when i go for my check-up. as for the names, well, i’m also stumped on that department. i’m kinda leaning to Heaven…


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