back in KK

i went to singapore and KL recently…all the while, i was thinking of someone i was not supposed to think of. i think it’s because i’m going home soon. i even sent a blank sms to him on the night we became a couple. we would have celebrated our 2nd year anniversary. i’m so not over him. no wonder i also cannot retire Z.B. i should really give him to someone else or something so i can move on but i keep on holding on to him. how crappy is that?

i miss my dad. and it irks me that i have to be in manila for a while before i see him in cdo. if i can finish everything i need to do in a week, i would fly to cdo right away. i wanna see him. i also miss my mom. but i kinda dread seeing her coz when she sees how fat i am…oh well…

i miss all my friends and family. i’m just scared of the new journey i’m embarking upon. i’m single, unmarried, pregnant and will soon be unemployed. will there even be a company who will take me on even if i’m 4-5 months pregnant?

i’m thankful and grateful for all the good grace i received from God. i’m hopeing He will continue to be my guiding light in the unknown road before me.

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