11 weeks pregnantI am now eleven weeks and 6 days. my morning sickness is no longer as horrible as it was before. i am so thankful for that. i finally heard the beating of my baby’s heart. it was music to my ears. i was at awe the entire time the doctor was doing the ultrasound. then when the baby was being observed and we were about to  measure her length, she started to do a backflip and then a somersault! it was so cool! i never thought she can already move. and though i’m not having twins, my consolation was that maybe i’ll have the twins when they also have a father who would be overjoyed to have them as well. i mean, it’s nice to share the miracle of life.

so my greatest high for the rest of the month until my next check-up was the image that my baby (maybe it’s a girl) is one very active and happy baby inside my womb. best mother’s day present ever!

i am slowly gaining weight and i don’t know for how long i can hide my growing tummy.

i have this trip to Singapore to look forward to and then KL. then a week later, i’m going home.

i can’t wait to be with my family again.



  1. Hugs baby doll! See you soon ok?
    Know that we’re always, ALWAYS here for you. Aight?
    Take care of yourself now.


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